Alexandra Latour, embroidery entrepreneur & founder of ‟la veste en jean”

Episode n. 24: Alexandra Latour, a very knowledgeable embroidery entrepreneur, has honed her skills at Chanel (Atelier Lesage), Christian Dior (Atelier Vermont) and Saint-Laurent, before launching herself into the creation of Atelier Latour, and her prêt-à-porter project ‟la veste en jean”.

30 January 2024 – In the buzzing and trendy Bastille quarter, two minutes’ far from her Parisian atelier, Alexandra described her ambitious trajectory in the world of luxury and delicate embroidery knowhow, to Annabelle, the host of the show. How did her early-days experiences as an embroidery drawer at Chanel, Christian Dior and Saint-Laurent founded the basis for her new embroidery business Atelier Latour? How do Atelier Latour and ‟La veste en jean” work together, and in harmony? What comes next for Alexandra and her great team at Atelier Latour? Hear Alexandra’s story and name dropping here, in her conversation with Crefovi’s founding and managing partner, Annabelle Gauberti.

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