Assessing the resilient force of Ben-Amun

Episode n. 8: Assessing the resilient force of Ben-Amun

Ben-Amun founder, Isaac Manevitz, and his wife and business partner Regina Manevitz, talk us through the strong points and specificities of their fabulous custom jewellery brand and why being a global fashion enterprise, today, is so paramount to success and growth.

30 September 2018 – Ben-Amun, the American custom jewellery brand, has been going on for the last 35 years. Isaac and Regina Manevitz explain to us, in this episode of Lawfully Creative, the reasons underpinning such stellar success and global brand expansion. What is the distribution strategy of Ben-Amun? What are the aesthetics of Ben-Amun and how do they please and meet the expectations of their clientele, which spans the Americas, the Far East, the Middle East, Russia and Europe? What are the strategic axes and directions driving Ben-Amun into the future? How does the brand protect itself from counterfeits, especially on internet and through online platforms? The dynamic duo talk about all these topics with Annabelle Gauberti at the Café Marly in Paris, during fashion week.

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