Discovering the charming travelling world of Globe Trotter

Globe Trotter’s head designer, Charlotte Seddon, and PR manager, Momiji Matsuura, introduce us, at Crefovi, to the traditional yet uber creative travelling world and products created by their iconic luxury brand.

29 May 2018 – Globe Trotter, the luxury travelling brand, has grown from strength to strength in the last 15 years and Charlotte Seddon as well as Momiji Matsuura explain to us, in this episode of Lawfully Creative, the reasons underpinning such stellar success and brand repositioning. What is the distribution strategy of Globe Trotter? How do you become the head designer of one of the most successful travel accessories brands in the world? What are the strategic axes and directions driving Globe Trotter in the future? How does the brand protect itself from counterfeits, especially on internet and through online platforms? The dynamic duo talk about all these topics with Annabelle Gauberti at the Globe Trotter factory in Hoddesdon, a town in the Broxbourne borough of the English county of Hertfordshire.

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