Farmers’ by Nancy Durham and Welsh Lavender

Farmers’ founder, Nancy Durham, gives us the genesis of her fantastic Welsh cosmetics brand, as well as the lowdown on the next steps for her Welsh Lavenders’ business, from her farm in Wales.

26 November 2018 – The first Welsh lavender farm, owned by Nancy Durham and her philosopher husband Bill Newton-Smith, started back in 2003. Nancy explains, in this episode of Lawfully Creative, the reasons underpinning such daring experiment of growing lavender in Wales, and how her Farmers’ brand grew organically, thanks to gifted and visionary allies such as Helen Lowe and Tyler Brulé of Monocle’s fame. Nancy also unveils what lies ahead, for the future success and scaling up of her Farmers’ brand, worldwide. Nancy talks about all these topics with Annabelle Gauberti, at her farm in Powys, in Wales, straight after the Hay-on-Wye winter festival.

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