Film distribution media – what’s next to retain customers?

19 October 2022 | 15:30pm London time 

Crefovi’s live webinar will begin on Wednesday 19 October at 15:30pm London time (UK), and will provide an in-depth analysis of the film distribution business model and ecosystem. 

You haven’t yet secured your free place for our upcoming webinar on film distribution media – what’s next to retain customers? Here is your chance to join Annabelle Gauberti on Wednesday 19 October 2022, 15:30pm London time (UK) as she explores the key features of film distribution ecosystem and business model. 

In this webinar, our expert speaker will discuss: 

– which distribution media exist for films; 

– which contractual models are used to distribute films; 

– how streaming changed the game in film distribution, and 

– a need for consolidation and aggregation in the film distribution business model. and

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