Freedom of speech in the creative industries

15 February 2023 | 15:30pm London time 

Crefovi’s live webinar will begin on Wednesday 15 February at 15:30pm London time (UK), and will provide an in-depth analysis on how freedom of speech in the creative industries has taken a turn for the worse, in recent years. 

You haven’t yet secured your free place for our upcoming webinar on freedom of speech in the creative industries? 

Here is your chance to join Annabelle Gauberti on Wednesday 15 February 2023, 15:30pm London time (UK) as she explores what attacks are currently launched on freedom of speech and freedom of the press, around the work and, in particular, in France and the UK. 

In this webinar, our expert speaker will discuss: 

– A global context of seriously curbed free expression and free press; 

– How legal systems and tactics are used to silence the creative industries, via attacks on the freedoms of expression and the press; 

– The use of rap lyrics as legal confessions and evidence in court to ‟put away” and silence artists, and 

– SLAPP lawsuits to censor, intimidate and silence investigative journalists and authors. 

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