Kim Bingham, from mudgirl to finance maverick

Episode n. 19: Kim Bingham, from mudgirl to finance maverick Kim Bingham is a music performer, recording artist and singer songwriter who has evolved with the times, from ska, to grunge, to rock, to pop, and now, to finance and wealth management. Her 20 years’ career in the music industry is impressive for its resilience, drive and focus on providing the most authentic, engaging and dynamic audio-visual content to the audience. 

30 June 2022 – Kim Bingham rocks. And she has for the last 20 years. Let’s hear it from this music and finance maverick, who is always thinking two steps ahead of the competition. What inspired her to become a musician and performing artist? How did she express her creativity, via music, over the years? What is she up do, these days? Hear Kim’s stories and anecdotes here, in her conversation with Crefovi’s founding and managing partner, Annabelle Gauberti.

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